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Mars: The Living Planet
Barry E. DiGregorio, with additional contributions by Gilbert V. Levin and Patricia Ann Straat.
365 pages, 1997.

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Book Reviews

The first book review in the series is ICAMSR Executive Director Barry E. DiGregorio's Mars: The Living Planet.

Watch Dr. Gilbert V. Levin's review Dr. Gilbert V. Levin Video April 2010 — Dr. Gilbert V. Levin designed the Labeled Release experiment on board the Viking Landers that went to Mars in 1976.
Read Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe's review Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe March 2000 — Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe is Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy at Cardiff University in Wales.
Read Dr. Troy Wood's review Spectroscopy Magazine November 1999 — Dr. Troy Wood is the assistant professor of chemistry at the University of Buffalo, New York. Dr. Wood is an expert in the field of gas chromatigraph mass spectroscopy.

Book Excerpts

Read Chapter 9 from Mars: The Living Planet Chapter 9 - Life After Viking: The Evidence Mounts by Dr. Gilbert V. Levin — Excerpt from Mars: The Living Planet by Barry E. DiGregorio, Dr. Gilbert V. Levin, and Dr. Patricia Ann Straat. Copyright 1997 by Barry E. DiGregorio.
Used by permission.

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